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Pitseolak Ashoona, RCA (Inuit 1904-1983) - Biography

Pitseolak Ashoona is one of Canada's best known artists. Born on Nottingham Island and raised on Baffin Island, she was part of one of the last generations of Inuit who grew up with traditional lifestyles tied to the landscape that was enjoyed since before 1000 BC.

Pitseolak married Ashoona, a hunter on Baffin Island and they raised 17 children - 10 of which survived past infancy. Ashoona, the hunter, died at 40 leaving her alone with a handful of children to raise. Her cousin inspired her to try a hand at drawing. In the last two decades of her life she created over 7000 images. Her artwork focuses on daily life and legends or Taleelayu.

On May 28, 1983 she died in Cape Dorset. She is survived by a large family of artists including her daughter Napatchie Pootoogook and her grand-daughter Shuvinai Ashoona. Redkette Art is proud to have original works by them showing three generations from this gifted family of artists.

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