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George Menedez Rae (CANADA JACK) (1913-1992 ) - Biography

George Rae was born in N.Y.C., but lived most of his life in Canada.

Rae was recognized as one of the most accomplished artists during the Canadian Golden Age of Comics in the 1940's. He worked as an illustrator for Educational Projects Publishers in Montreal. He was responsible for all the artwork in a noted set of trading cards- Lowney's Sports.

In March 1943, Rae's National Super Hero made his debut in Educational Projects' Canadian Heroes. Rae gave his crime fighter great strength and athletic ability. His Hero was also a gymnast, ju-jitsu expert, and superb horseman. He protected the Canadian home front from evil doers wearing his costume that consisted of tight slacks and tank top with maple leaf on his chest. The Canada Jack Club took off and became the most active fan club in Canadian club history.

Canada Jack kept Canada safe. He took on gangs of saboteurs, Nazis, and even busted a ring of phony fortune tellers. Only one adventure was abroad to South America in September 1945 entitled Rocket Planes/South American Nazis. It began with Jack flying a new rocket plane to South America only to realize a nearby estate is hiding Nazis. He is captured but manages to grab their Master Nazi leader and use him as a shield, forcing the Nazis to surrender.

Although at the top of his form with a huge fan club following, his real passion lay in fine art. He left the world of superhero comic illustrations and adventure writing to paint landscapes and watercolour portraits.

A former president of The Arts Club of Montreal, he was noted for his oils and watercolours of the people and landscape around his home community of St. Bruno, Quebec.

His paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections throughout North America. Redkettle's original of Rae's Skaters is a must for any comic book collector or Canadiana Culture enthusiast.

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