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Myron Levytsky (1913-1993) - Biography

Myron Levytsky was born in 1913 in Lviv, Ukraine, and at the age of 12, began his formal training at the famous Olexis Novakivsky School of Art and later at The Cracow Academy of Arts.  

The painter, illustator, and journalist, later known as LEV, was one of the most prominent Ukrainian artists to have worked outside the Ukraine. He emigrated to Canada in 1949 and continued publishing and painting. His works include hundreds of book designs, illustrations, paintings and prints, as well as 10 churches he painted in Canada, Australia, and The Ukraine. He studied two years in Paris, holding his first solo exhibition there. Other exhibitions followed across North Amercia, Australia, and The Ukraine. He died in Canada in 1993.

He is regarded as the artist who modernized Urkainian Art. LEV took it from Church icon art to stylized abstact art with a hint of deco on the side.  


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