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Clarence "Bubby" Mooers (1925-2002) - Biography

"Bubby" Mooers was a carpenter by profession and became one of the best crooked knife makers in Nova Scotia. He started carving handles in the mid 1950's for his father, a well known knife maker.

Bubby had his favourite carvings and would not part with them. After his death from prostate cancer in 2002 he left instructions with his daughter to sell his "Lady In Red" carving in an auction with proceeds from sales going to his favourite environmental organization.

His whimsical carvings were fun and brightly coloured. He carved figures of people he respected. He carved Little Jimmie Dickens as a tip of the hat to one of his favourite performers at the Grand Old Oprey. Dickens was known for his loud sequined shirts. Although his carving often appeared rough it contained great detail as in the shiny wet rain jacket of a fisherman. Bubby earned a dedicated following and respect among his fellow artists and Maritime Folk Art collectors.

His laughter and stories became a favourite charm and memory at folk art shows in and around his native Nova Scotia. His work can be found in many collections including the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

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